Who Wants Homosexuals Dead?

If killing a homosexual is the ultimate “Hate Crime” then let’s expose the guilty parties!

Could it be true that the same groups who promote homosexuality actually want homosexuals dead, including the U.S. Public Health Department, the Centers for Disease Control, the psychiatrists, the Jewish/New World Order/Illuminati, and even the homosexuals themselves? In this enlightening and medically scientific book by Lorraine Day, M.D., you will find the answers to these compelling questions as well as those below, answers you will not find anywhere else.

Are homosexuals born gay? If “yes” or “no” – give us the scientific evidence!

Is it possible for a homosexual to change to a heterosexual lifestyle? Does the government have the right to prohibit such a change?

Are homosexual relationships just like heterosexual relationships?

Is the homosexual lifestyle so dangerous that it enormously increases their chance of developing a number of life-threatening diseases?

Does the male homosexual lifestyle decrease their life expectancy by decades?

Is the mainstream media reporting the gay scene properly, or do they have an agenda?

Aren’t those who don’t endorse the gay lifestyle nothing more than narrow-minded homophobic bigots?

Can we trust those in positions of power in government, medicine, and religion to tell us the truth about these issues?

154 page paperback.

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