Click to enlargeWhat Does it Take to Get Well?

There are two aspects to Getting Well from a serious life-threatening disease:

1) all the specific things you must change about your life, including the way you are living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress, and

2) how to find the courage, determination, and commitment actually to make those changes. Because if you donít find a way to obtain these characteristics, then you will not be able to do what it takes to Get Well.

This book addresses the second aspect of reversing your disease. (The first aspect is addressed on my DVD ďYou Canít Improve on GodĒ and a number of my other DVDs, CDs, and books.)

Getting Well is not just about what you must do - it is also about whom you must become. Getting Well requires that you give up many dearly-held, bad habits - permanently - habits that are contributing to your illness. In this book you will learn:

Why Cancer Ė and ALL Other Diseases Ė are a Blessing!

How to Overcome Fear

Your Doctor Canít Cure Your Cancer

Because He Canít Prevent or Cure His Own!

You Arenít Sick Because You Have Cancer; You Have Cancer BECAUSE You Are Sick

Donít I Need a Specific Diagnosis?

Arenít There Many Ways to Get Well?

Your Body is Designed to Heal Itself

Why Cancer is NOT Genetic!

What about Mental Illness?

Your Biggest Hurdle: Believing!

You Canít Twitter Your Way to Health

The Good News About God

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