A Workbook Designed to Help You Implement the Plan Detailed on the Videos. **(It cannot be used alone.)**

A 300 page workbook designed to accompany Dr. Day's health videos. It is not to be used by itself, as only the combination of the workbook together with the videos provides adequate information for rebuilding the immune system so the body can then effectively fight the disease and heal itself as God designed.

This workbook, as an adjunct to the videos, will help you implement the plan given on the videos, the plan Dr. Day used to get well from advanced cancer.

Why disease is Spiritual

Is this Health Plan guaranteed to work?

The Good News about God!

Questions to help you learn the video material

The healing power of Bible study and prayer

Vaccinations: Are they safe? Do they work?

Natural methods of Pain Control

Acceptable foods and forbidden foods

The dangers of microwave ovens

Necessary cookware and supplies

Is Soy healthful or dangerous?

Sample daily schedule


Grocery shopping lists

How to handle insomnia, constipation, urinary incontinence Menus, and over 100 recipes

Overcoming fear

And much, much more

Getting Started On Getting Well (Workbook) W100$35.00Format: 
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