They only cover up the symptoms. Exciting Personal Testimonies

Lorraine Day, M.D. reveals the astonishing fact that germs DON'T cause disease even though ALL conventional medicine, with it's massive use of "therapeutic" drugs, is based on the INCORRECT premise that germs do cause disease. If you're going down the WRONG road, all the money, brilliant scientists and hard work will just bring you to the wrong destination faster and more expensively!

Dr. Day tells her amazing story of recovery from advanced invasive breast cancer by rebuilding her immune system using natural methods while her medical colleagues said she was crazy and would certainly die!

In this video she reveals:

That the entire foundation of conventional medicine is based on ERROR

Why germs DON'T cause disease anymore than flies cause garbage!

Why a healthy body is resistant to germs just as a healthy plant is resistant to insects and other plant pests

How you can be free from disease by understanding and following the true universal principles of health

Exciting personal testimonies from people recovering from breast cancer, colon cancer, multiple skin cancers and leukemia

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